Kris Nicholl for mayor

Kris Nicholl

I fell in love with city service and being able to interact so directly with the people I serve, to really listen and make a meaningful difference for people and their quality of life here.

As Mayor, Kris will focus on these critical areas

Bring fiscal responsibility back to the forefront of all governmental decisions and activities.

  • Transparency and Accountability are not just buzz words to me, and they are not a one-time commitment. It is my philosophy. I believe we must continually use technology and outreach to citizens to push every aspect of city government and administration to be more open and directly accountable to Sandy residents.
  • I will work diligently and honestly with the City Council to set goals and vision for serving residents within financial limits that: Balances our Budget, Prepares for emergencies, and most importantly, Respects taxpayers by remembering each tax dollar the City spends is from the wallets of our citizens.
  • I will restore a strong and effective relationship with the City Council and City Departments. I absolutely will not let factions drive the City off course from staying focused on our job serving residents in the best, most efficient way possible.

Ensure that growth prioritizes the good of the community and quality of life for residents.

  • I will work diligently to provide an easier, more clear, and streamlined ways for citizens to be more involved in growth decisions.
  • I will fight to keep a proper balance between the property rights of landowners that want to build on their land and the rights of those whose property will be affected by a proposed project. As our families and community grow, we need to be deliberate, careful, and creative in finding ways to meet the needs of our expanding community while maintaining the desirable attributes and quality of life of our citizens; a quality of life that I grew up with and will fight to continue.
  • I will work for Sandy to set the standard for smart, sustainable, functional, reasonable, and environmentally sound development.

Enhancing city services to better meet the needs of all residents.

  • I will expand and update our Fire, EMS, and Police services to better serve changing needs in our communities
  • Work to create a better culture of support and respect for our public safety personnel. I will work to create opportunities for our communities and public safety personnel to build positive and productive relationships that foster greater mutual respect and emphasizes a guardian mindset. As we work together, our families and communities will be safer for all of us.
  • I will re-introduce the Youth City Council, Community Coordinators, and Sandy Pride Beautification Days. These programs build community connections and give citizens a greater opportunity to interact with their elected representatives in the city and have an impact on their community and city.
  • I will work to continue bulk waste days and offer more effective recycling programs and options. Convenient drop-off locations for recyclable items that should not be put in recycling garbage cans. Soft plastics, Styrofoam and e-waste are all items that can be recycled but cannot efficiently provided to individual homes directly. Other options can be efficient,effective, convenient, and enhance our current residential recycling program.

Explore Economic Development to increase opportunities for residents and expand commercial tax base to decrease dependence on residential property tax for City services.

  • I will help guide economic development in our “life after COVID” to adjust to long-term changes in economy; bring people back together; foster technologies and remote work options that came out of COVID; and create innovative, successful, and sustainable economic development.
  • I will actively recruit high quality, sustainable and desirable retail, business, shopping, arts, and entertainment to our City.
  • I will encourage a more diverse opportunity for employment in Sandy by recruiting good business’s that will be partners in our community.

Defend and preserve public open space and improve our public parks and trails.

  • My childhood was full of opportunities to run, play and adventure. Recreation and open space are import components to our quality of life in Sandy. I will work to create safe and enjoyable play areas throughout the city for all residents.
  • I will work to improve park facilities and build a new dog park east of 1300 east.
  • I will explore options, and invest where possible, in sun shades over playgrounds to continue working toward a better, safer outdoor experience for our kids.