My Record

Kris Nicholl

Fiscal Responsibility, Economic Growth and Lowering Taxes

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Fought Against 34% Tax Increase
  • Fought for Fiscal Responsibility during Covid by holding back on additional spending temporarily until we had a better idea what the pandemic was going to mean for the economy and our City Budget
  • Strong Record of Demanding Fiscal Transparency & Prudent Use of Taxpayer Dollars
  • Fought for First Responders to received planned Pay Increase once we had better budget numbers during pandemic
  • Fought to change proposed Police Pay Increase to Include Fire WITHOUT Tax Increase

Ensure that growth prioritizes the good of the community and quality of life for residents

  • Fights Inappropriate Development that Diminishes Quality of Life
  • Supported Short Term Rental Regulation to Protect Neighborhoods
  • Worked with Metropolitan Water District to allow residents to use amenities, like decks and fences, that they unknowing built on the pipeline easement vs. forcing them to be removed
  • Worked with Salt Lake County Parks & Rec to mitigate issues with Sandy residents who live near park parking lots

Enhancing city services to better meet the needs of all residents

  • Supports Keeping Bulk Waste & Working to Preserve
  • Initiated and ratified the conversion of Sandy’s Animal Shelter to a No-Kill facility
  • Removed Barriers Between City Council and City Staff for to have Equal Access and Better Data for making More Informed Decisions to Serve Citizens
  • Increased Transparency by Simplifying Practical Use of Sandy Code -Codifying Sandy’s Administrative Code makes referencing code easier for Residents, City Officials, and City Staff

Explore Economic Development to increase opportunities for residents and expand commercial tax base to decrease dependence on residential property tax for City services services

  • Supports small and large Businesses with a special interest in Woman owned Businesses
  • Supported Economic Development plan that included Hale Center Theater bond agreement that allowed for the theater to be built and pay bond back in lease payments – Sat on Internal Pro Forma Committee
  • Supported Cairns Master Plan and sat on the Naming Committee and the Architectural/Design Committee

Defend and preserve public open space and improve our public parks and trails

  • Supported Many Miles of Trails and Parks Funding
  • Wrote and Passed Zone Change to Protect Dimple Dell Park
  • Initiated and Ratified a Rezone of City Owned land that abuts Dimple Dell Park from Light Commercial to Open Space
  • Unwavering supporter of Alta Canyon Rec Center
  • Supported Purchase of New Park Property at New Dimple Dell Preservation Trail Head aka Evans Heaven and The Richardson Property
  • Initiated and Ratified a Rezone of City Owned land that abuts Dimple Dell Park from Light Commercial to Open Space

My Record