Kris Nicholl for mayor

Sandy is more than my home,
it is an integral part of who I am.


  • Grew up in Sandy
  • Qualified for Appraisal License at 20 years old
  • Owned her own business for 27 years
  • Married 25 years with Two Children
  • Developed and ran Chamber’s Breast Cancer Screening Program for low Income Women
  • Served 2 ½ years on Sandy Planning Commission
  • Received Clark and Barbara Stringham Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012
  • Appointed to the Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board by Governor Herbert and was voted by Board members to serve as Chair
  • Elected to City Council in 2013
  • Served on Women in Business Board for the South Valley Chamber (formerly Sandy Chamber)
  • Served as Council Chair four times
  • Awarded Local Elected Official of the Year in 2016

About Kris:

I grew up building forts and finding treasures with my brothers where Fiesta Village is now; of course, my brothers had a much different idea about what constituted a treasure! My mom was so grateful for a grocery store closer to home when the shopping center was built. We would buy coupon books at school so we could go to the movies in the summer for a dollar. I rode my bike everywhere! We’d go to Smiths or buy penny candy at the 7-11 on 9400 South east of Highland. I remember flying down 9400 South on my bike with my hands up in the air. When I was 16, I had a blast rebuilding a little 1968 MG with my dad, but speeding down the hill on my bike turned into speeding in my MG, so I also got my first speeding ticket in Sandy; still remember, it was 8600 South. It was a good childhood, and Sandy was so much a part of it.

I attended Brookwood Elementary, Albion Middle School and Brighton Highschool. My first job was at Quality Cleaners in Sandy Village Shopping Center (formerly known as Sandy Mall) Stephanie and Chick were amazing people and taught me so much, including how to count change back without a cash register! We cleaned all the Sandy Police Department uniforms, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it gave me a greater understanding that they were just normal people, like me, who are doing a really difficult job.

As we grew up, so did Sandy. My childhood here is one of the reasons I’m committed to having parks and trails; places for our children and grandchildren to run and play and have grand adventures like my brothers and I did. I had wonderful parents who gave us enough freedom to learn from the bumps and bruises of life, and enough guidance to keep us alive to use what we learned successfully. It was a good childhood and a good life lesson.

I became an appraiser when I was 20 years old because my mother suggested it as a career to my older brother. He didn’t want to go to the classes alone, so I went with him. He didn’t finish, I did! I loved it and it has been a great blessing to me for many years. I have owned my own business for 27 years. In 2013 Governor Gary Herbert appointed me to the Utah Division of Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board, where I served as Chair for a year of my four-year term. This board vets every applicant for an appraisal license; sets policies, educational criteria and ethical standards; and deals with complaints from the public. In most disciplinary cases I choose education over fines. I was honored to be chosen for this position because of the strong ethical and expertise requirements.

My husband Jason and I bought our first house at 831 East 8280 South. I went out to do an appraisal one day and the family said they were moving and couldn’t take their ducks and goat. Guess who ended up with the ducks! Jason said “No” to the goat, which was the right call for all concerned. The ducks made us laugh whenever we arrived home because they would come running to greet us. We had awesome neighbors, that as a young couple, really taught us how to be good neighbors. In 2001 we moved from that home to our current home near Dimple Dell Park, where we also have great neighbors and work to put into practice the valuable lessons we learned from Glenn and Maxine Burgess.

Jason was in paramedic school when we met and I am very proud of his work serving Salt Lake County Fire , South Salt Lake, and now as a Fire Chief in Nevada. He was really born to be a Fire Chief. His dad was a Fire Chief and his grandfather was also a firefighter. We’ve been married for 25 years, and although being apart for work is hard, we cherish the time we have together and look forward to the time we don’t have to be apart. Our son goes to Alta and our daughter goes to Summit Academy. Both kids are involved in scouts. I try to do as much with them as I can now, while they’ll still let me. We all love to hike and bike. Eventually parents just aren’t fun enough unless you’re at the mall with your wallet!

I learned a lot from my dad. He was a sponsor of the first Sandy Pride beautification day. He loved being a part of the community and always challenged us to do the same. Being a part of our community and making it better was just one of our family values. I participated with the South Valley Chamber of Commerce (formerly Sandy Chamber) in several capacities, including serving on the Women in Business Board. During that time, I developed and ran the Chamber’s Breast Cancer Screening Program; a program dedicated to assisting low-income women to get breast cancer screenings done. It was for this program I was awarded the Clark and Barbara Stringham Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012.

I served for 2 ½ years on the Planning Commission. It was an exciting time in our city as the Cairns Master Plan was just getting underway. I loved being a part of developing that vision and then seeing it start coming together. In 2013 I decided to run for City Council because I wanted to be a part of working through our growth in a deliberate and conscientious way that carefully weighs the direct and indirect impacts to residents, both good and bad. People often run for office because they are angry about something, I was excited for the future of Sandy.

Honestly, my first days on the Council were a little rocky. The staff and I were a little like teenagers on a first date trying to figure each other out. I was more hands-on than most Council members. I valued the experience and skill of the staff, but I was also committed to doing my own independent researched on issues. I was extremely committed to learning and listening to residents’ concerns and desires on my own. We found a good balance and we have grown to respect each other’s dedication to serving residents. In 2016 I was awarded Local Elected Official of the Year.